Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We Are the Green Party of Colorado

The Green Party is a political alternative for those committed to building a sustainable and just society. What makes Green politics different is a holistic, ecological outlook that recognizes the interconnection of all life and social processes, and that neither social nor environmental problems can be solved in isolation from each other. We pursue a broad conception of politics that embraces electoral efforts, the development of alternative institutions, education for empowerment, nonviolent direct action, and ecological lifestyles. We choose these issues based on the Colorado Green Party Core Values

Colorado Green Party Blog

Just Say No to Dynasty

With the de facto 2016 presidential primaries starting, the twin parties are already scrambling to decide which corporate “leader” they will be following off the edge of a cliff. There isn’t enough lipstick on the planet to make this group of hogs look appealing, but it won’t stop them from competing for their spot in the trough. Obviously we... [Read more of this post]

Institutions Matter: Why the Democratic Party Will Always Be a Dead End

We recently discussed some of the major differences between Democrats and Greens on this blog. Although the previous post outlined serious disagreements on policy matters, it did not cover the larger institutional and structural changes that divide the two parties. Greens support economic democracy. Democrats support a plutocracy with a few band-aids.... [Read more of this post]

Some Green Reflections on the 2014 Elections

A great many people out there are (sadly) predisposed to the idea that Greens are nothing more than a “second” Democratic Party that exists for no purpose except to gratuitously spoil races and ensure the Republican will win. Every time a Green runs for office, the same tired question is asked. “Aren’t you worried that you will suck votes away... [Read more of this post]

Colorado Dems Are Folding Already!

Democrats are Weak on Renewable Energy Reports are in that Senator Bennet (D) is ready to get on board with the Keystone pipeline.  Now, that didn’t take long, did it? Of course, this would NEVER be an issue with a Green in office. The GPCO Releases an Official Statement: Colorado families need jobs now, but the Keystone XL Pipeline’s promise... [Read more of this post]

Live Now! Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium!

Free and Equal is hosting a Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium today from 9am-4pm. Harry Hempy will be speaking today.  You won’t want to miss this! Check out the livestream here! http://new.livestream.com/accounts/6754733/events/3590076    Read More →

Greater Boulder co-chair, Susan Hall: Greens are the party of integrity

by Susan Hall, co-chair of the Greater Boulder Greens The 2014 midterm elections are now over. Thank you to all the Green Party laborers, activists, writers, speakers, researchers, debaters, analyzers, techies and contributors for making the world a more inclusive and better place to live. Those in the US who care about what happens in politics pay... [Read more of this post]

2014 Election Results

A Strong Showing Although the final results are still coming in from some areas of the state, it is clear that people want change in Colorado.  The Greens ran three candidates this year, and each had a considerable showing from the Green and Independent communities! This was the first time since 2002 that the Green Party of Colorado has run a candidate... [Read more of this post]

Last Week to Spread the Word!

Harry Hempy has been busy lately! He is unique among the Colorado gubernatorial candidates in many ways, and always more progressive than his opponents. 4 Ways Harry Hempy is the True Progressive Choice Puts communities first on issues like minimum wage, health care for all, and local control. Stands firmly behind publicly funded elections and open... [Read more of this post]

Musical Farewell for Jill Stein!

October 10, 2014 Fundraising Concert for People, Peace, and Planet over Profit!Join us tonight for a donation-only concert at 10th Street and Navajo! As you may know, Jill Stein has been in town for the Free and Equal Debates here in Denver this Wednesday. After watching Harry outshine his competition, we solidified our plans for a musical event before... [Read more of this post]

Harry Hempy and Jill Stein — Together This Week!

Free & Equal is hosting a gubernatorial debate this week in Denver. It’s being moderated by hip-hop legend Professor Griff and being held at Infinity Park International Ballroom in Glendale, CO on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 7PM. Harry Hempy will be squaring off with Mike Dunafon (Independent) and Matthew Hess (Libertarians). So far,... [Read more of this post]

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