Saturday, October 10, 2015


The Green Party of Colorado has several e-lists to meet the various needs of the party.

The lists, along with a brief description, are as follows:

The GPCO general discussion list.

This list is open to anyone with interest in the GPCO. There are few limitations as to the content (aside from totally Green irrelevant subjects). We do request some modicum of propriety and courtesy. This can be a high traffic list.

The only requirement is a verification by the list manager that there is a legitimate interest by the subscriber in Colorado Greens. The intent of this is to screen out spammers, not create unwarranted difficulties in joining with other Greens; this became dramatically necessary after an explicit spam was posted to our list last year. Some individuals have complained about the necessity of presenting any need of their interest. All we are asking is for a minimal reply, not a life history, since spammers and trolls don’t bother responding. Curiously, all the objections have come from non-Greens.

The maximum length for a message is 100KB. A maximum of 7 recipients are allowed for messages submitted. All posts must have an addy in the “to” or “cc” to be accepted (i.e., no implicit destination posts).

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Green Party of Colorado discussion email list go to and fill out the form under “Subscribing to grns-gpoc” or send an e-mail directly to the list manager, Charlie Green, at

The GPCO Announce List

This list is operated differently from the other three. This list is open to anyone, anywhere with NO verification. On this list, all messages must be approved by the list manager. This is a relatively low traffic list, mostly announcing Colorado Green events and other important information and opportunities. Inappropriate postings are discarded unless the manager deems a personal response to the originator is more appropriate.

The maximum length for a message is 80KB. All posts must have an addy in the “to” or “cc” to be accepted (i.e., no implicit destination posts).

To subscribe to the GPCO Announce List, go to this URL: This is a “self-service” mailing list. Subscribing to or unsubscribing from this list is done at this URL.

The GPCO Council Voting List

This list is for members of the GPCO Council, the administrative body of our organization, only. It is required that members of the Council be on this list since it is used for voting on proposals which the Council must approve or disprove. This list is moderated by the GPCO online facilitator.

This list can have light to moderate traffic, depending on the number and controversiality of the proposals being voted on. Any irrelevant (to the proposals on the floor) traffic can evoke a negative response from both the facilitator and the Council members.

The maximum length for a message is 80KB. A maximum of 6 recipients are allowed for messages submitted. Attachments, in general, are not accepted or will likely be garbled as all posts to the list are in plain text. All posts must have an addy in the “to” or “cc” to be accepted (i.e., no implicit destination posts).

To join the Council list, send an e-mail to Claire Ryder,, avowing your position as a delegate from your local (Please state which local you represent.). This information will also be forwarded to the Online Facilitator and the GPCO Secretary.
The List webpage is

To post to a list, send a message to:
for the Council list; for the discussion list, use:
For the Announce list, send a message to:
General List Information

To reply to a list message to the list, use “reply all”. Just “reply” will only send it to the originator.

It is now possible to get a digest version instead of individual e-mails. And there is now an archive for each list available from the list webpage. The archive for the discussion list is public. All member lists are private to help avoid spambots harvesting addresses.

If a “reserved word” causes the bounce, I *will* contact the sender and suggest a change to avoid the problem. Words in this category include “subscribe” and “cancel” which are commands in MailMan talk.

If you have more than one e-mail address, be sure and use the one(s) subscribed to the list.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover here, please let me know.

These are the choices of Colorado Green e-lists. We welcome subscribers who qualify to join any of these.

Technical information for those interested:
all the lists use a MailMan operating system;
these lists operate on a Green server in California;
and any subscriber MUST use the address under which they are subscribed (sending a message from work is not the same as sending it from your home e-mail addy).